The as you can see I have begun rebranding the SelectQuote Review.  Since I am intending to move SelectQuote Review to WordPress, I wanted a logo that fits better in a minimalist theme.  Then I updated the color scheme to match.
    This logo is immediately clear on what I'm trying to convey.  Protection.  This blog helps protect would be victims of SelectQuote, by getting the word out.  SelectQuote normally prepares the battlefield  by setting people up to fail, or impersonating them in order to make them look bad.

    At that point they are given a freer hand by authorities to mess with their prey.  If their next target is aware of the scheme, he can take steps to preserve his reputation.  And he will be prepared to defend his family and himself, if need be.  With any luck this site might influence the potential jury pool for anyone who might stand accused of excessive force in this endeavor.
    Matt Cutts of Google's web spam team tells us that content is king.  But decisions about content are being made by machines.  When we look at specific results they may not always makes sense to human.
    Take the query SelectQuote Review, for example.  This is the name of my site.  We would expect people to be able to easily find this site through its name.  Even if we don't treat that query as a name, and treat the query as a request for reviews of SelectQuote, my site should still being near the top.
    Perhaps some sites that host many reviews might beat me out, but no one is going to match me on depth of commentary.  So clearly I should be ranking somewhere near the top, because negative reviews are helpful to potential buyers.  Time has shown that I have been spot on in the contentions I have made that are possible to prove.
    Why is content not king for this query?  Due to the secrecy of Google's ranking algorithms, we can't really know.  However, I'm beginning to wonder if Google slightly penalizes their own blogging platform, Blogger.
    Blogger blogs are not in the top echelons of online publishing.  As free hosting, a web site will share its Internet address with many other sites, even if it has its own domain.  Some have speculated in the past that being in the same IP neighborhood as web span can also hurt and innocent site.
    No matter where you are, you can't count on police to arrive in time to protect your family.  If you've been following along, you know in San Francisco you're lucky if they aren't making things worse.  For pure stopping power, a long gun is obviously the way to go.  If you have young children, these should be locked up.  Could you get to it in time if you were surprised in the middle of the night?
    While I'm covering topics that might be helpful to San Francisco renters, I'll look at modern bows from this perspective.  After all, anyone breaking in to a home likely has something that can be used as a bludgeon.  So if all you have is a baseball bat, it's a fair fight.  This is no time for sportsmanship.  So if you're looking at a bow anyway, there are a couple of trade-offs you might want to consider.

Coumpound bow
  You can get equipment far beyond what my public high school could afford, and these bows behave a lot differently.  My compound bow recently derailed, which gave me the chance to try 40 and 50 pound recurve bows, and a PVC stick bow.  In my picture you can see that compound bows use cams and pulleys to gain a large enough mechanical advantage to bend the very stiff limbs.
    An immediate advantage to a modern compound bow in a house with young kids, is that the bow hits its peak draw weight within a couple inches of the draw.  So someone who can't pull the peak draw weight can't use the bow.  In any case, anyone can see when a bow is loaded with an arrow.  If your kid's friends normal throw sharp objects at each other, you have bigger problems.
    Traditional bows have a nearly linear draw cycle, which means anyone can pull the bow back, just not as far.  Which might make a bow useless for accurate and consistent shooting, but still dangerous if someone were to start horsing around with it.
    There are several reasons why compounds are the hunter's choice.  The bow stays near peak draw weight for much of the draw, then lets off near full draw.  This makes it easy to hold full draw and aim.  It also means much more power is imparted to the arrow on release (all things being equal, draw length is the other main component determining total force delivered to the arrow).
    Every year Rosa Parks elementary school has its performing arts night.  Last month it was again hosted by Gateway High School.  This is also known as Gakugeikai and it is publicized as a Japanese Bilingual and Bicultural Program event.
Rosa Parks principal Paul Jacobsen

    I did notice that the first grade (at least) general education classrooms were also performing this year.  I don't recall which students were involved last year, but it is nice to see that this isn't strictly limited to JBBP.  I'd like for Abby to have plenty of chances to work together with kids outside of JBBP.  She has known many of the other kids in her classroom since preschool.  Which is nice in that kindergarten was already comfortable for her, but it is good to get used to interacting with people with different backgrounds and interests.
    I got rid of black mold from my apartment years ago, and then we had a drought.  The mold recently began growing again in the unusually wet weather.  I'm no clean freak, but some species have been linked with a number of serious symptoms from the mycotoxins they produce.  Beyond the usual respiratory ailments, cognitive problems like depression, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue have been reported.
    The issue is, if you have more than a trivial amount, it is probably growing in your drywall.  So a true solution involves tearing your whole place apart.  In a city of renters, that is pretty impractical.
    The first step is to remove moisture under your control, and run a dehumidifier.  That isn't going to have much effect on mold with hyphae extending into building material that contains sufficient moisture, but it might prevent further spread.  I target 40% relative humidity in the bathroom, where mold has grown.
    I also have a couple bright heat lamps in there.  Leaving those on noticeably beats back the mold wherever there is a direct line of sight.  So it seems the mold and wood do lose enough water through evaporation to kill it, but this is slow going when there is a lot of rain.  In a multi-unit apartment with no insulation in the walls, I just have to deal with the fact that I can't eliminate all root causes.
    Different mold remedies are discussed online, but some are suspect (mixing bleach with acid).  Experts recommend respiratory masks and other protection while removing black mold.  As promised by professional mold remediators, scrubbing with bleach only removes mold on the surface.  I think that is a good start, however.  This is only true if you have a plan to keep it from regrowing, in wet weather it only takes a few days for regrowth at most.  So scrubbing alone is just putting more mold in the air if you lack a plan.
    After your initial cleaning, if you look closely you can see cracks or grooves in the paint where mold hyphae will grow in again even if the bleach was fatal.  The issue with plain bleach is that it does not penetrate into porous surfaces by itself.  My strategy was to use a surficant (to allow cleaning solution to penetrate into the surface) - in this case AJAX, and some sort of soluble contaminant that would inhibit growth as the moisture in the walls dried up.  My initial try for the contaminant was sea salt, as water evaporated, the moisture in the walls might become too salty for the mold.
    Happy New Year from SelectQuote Review!  2014 saw some vindication in our struggle, and I hope 2015 will see further blows against our adversary.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Each person warned is potential catastrophe averted.
Hope to update ads for 2015
    This marks the beginning of the busy season for life insurance sales, so I hope to get the word out as SelectQuote hunts in earnest for new victims.  I'm looking to update my marketing, to get my name out there alongside our adversary's.
    Little things can help greatly.  Please share stories on social media!  This and other natural link building help surface my content, even if you don't have a huge number of followers.  I do use social media marketing from the networks themselves to provide a number of cheap followers or reshares.
    This provides my core followers a little bit of cover.  Upon casual inspection, top word-of-mouth followers are hidden among real, but untargeted, followers gained from advertising.  Because most of my natural followers are distributed in the cities where SelectQuote operates, your participation is more likely to spark a conversation, or be more relevant to other readers.

prescription drug abuse?
    2014 was a year where SelectQuote and their supporters began to publicly melt down.  Before I mainly had my own story, but could only speculate as to what else SelectQuote was planning.  In 2014 whistleblowers, FBI, and an online trail pointed to serious misdeeds against others as well.
    Here are some lowlights in SelectQuote's campaign:

  • At the start of the year, negative SEO tactics are being used to drag down my search ranking.
  • Porn of 8 year old boy found while investigating cop for molestation.  Raises eyebrows when you consider that SelectQuote's scam temporarily removes my daughter from her home.
  • Five San Francisco cops (and one ex-cop), are indicted by a federal grand jury.  This is fallout from illegal searches and police report falsification in my neighborhood.
  • Patrick Soltani, another ex-SelectQuote employee, is also impersonated online.  This profile then contacts me, to ask if we can meet.  Without explanation of the false background, I ignore.
  • Another attempt to impersonate me is made.  I notice just as I'm starting a new job. 
  • In Kansas City, SelectQuote resorts to physical witness intimidation over a report of racial slurs.
  • Complaints against SelectQuote sent to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by pregnant woman, disabled, women, and minorities alleging violations such as denying Family Medical Leave.
  • SelectQuote overreaches while trying to keep this quiet.
  • Further allegations of identity theft and illegal use of prescription drugs coming from Kansas City.
  • Testimony from the SFPD corruption trial suggests SelectQuote involved in the misconduct I suffered.
  • Corruption trial ends with guilty verdicts for the cops on trial, demonstrating the plausibility of my claim the dirty police were involved in my trouble with SelectQuote.
    I was thinking about two other Thomas Dunhams who spend at least part of their time in the Bay Area, and their relationship to the morass of software patents.  One is a former IBM executive, a company with many patents, and the lawyers to defend them.  The other, Thomas Michael Dunham, is an engineer and patent attorney, sometimes representing clients in Northern California.  Due to his traditional route to patent law through engineering first, he likely understands the technical reasons software is not patentable.
    I'd like to stick with a simple, moral argument in this post, however.  IBM is much heralded as a company that turned sagging fortunes around.  They did this in part by raiding my father's pension.  My dad worked at McDonnell Douglas Information Systems for most of my life.
    When IBM bought this operation, they were getting not just a captive customer in McDonnell Douglas's St. Louis engineering and production facilities, but also a liability in the pension owed to employees working this contract.  In reality, they just reneged on the liability, leaving thousands without the retirement they were promised after decades of service.
    When companies expect the government to allow them a monopoly in a whole area of potential innovation, they ought to be taking care of employees, the actual source of innovation.  As an example of how stifling patents can be, consider that the only reason we have an alternative to the MPEG video formats, is that Google decided to put muscle behind an alternative.
    My rankings in Google continue to under-perform other search engines by a wide margin. I'm not on the first page for SelectQuote Review. So I am heartened by Firefox's recent switch of the default search provider to Yahoo!  While the holiday season is terrible for life insurance, every little bit will help come January.
    It is hard to see how Google can find my site to be of no value.  All of my assertions are being demonstrated to be true.  A successful class action for Labor violations, allegations of discrimination, drug theft, identity theft, impersonation, and now we see I was on the money regarding dirty cops.
    When I first began, a might have looked like just another disgruntled ex-employee of SelectQuote.  But I keeping backing up everything I've said.
    I'm telling you, they threaten to kill children.  I can't prove it, but I've proven everything else I've said.  Look at their track record, then look at mine.  Given the people running the show, and the people who actually threaten to kill children, you have to take them at their word.
    Certainly they aren't going to step to an adult, they've got cops in their pocket should they be intercepted on their way to smaller targets.  People need to understand, the next time SelectQuote tries something, just look the other way.  And certainly don't finance them through your life insurance business.
    I am now working as a Senior Software Engineer at CollabNet.  I'd like to make clear that the opinions and information on this blog our my own, and do not reflect an official CollabNet position.  This is true even in posts which have to do with areas of CollabNet expertise, such as Continuous Integration or software configuration management (as creators of the Subversion revision control software).
    Cheaper computing power has made larger, more complex problems theoretically tractable.  In reality, this puts greater burdens on the programmer.  So I'm excited to work at a company which seeks to simplify the development of enterprise software.  For such efforts, CollabNet has been in the SD Times 100 for eleven straight years, among other accolades.
    Sometime around the end of elementary school or early junior high, I endeavored to read the Bible.  I had been to Bible school and church, but I decided to start at the beginning and read straight through, skipping all the begats.  An unedited read of the Old Testament without guidance was problematic for a young mind.
    The Old Testament has a number of irrelevant details about lifespans and the time it took to create the world that did not stand up to modern knowledge, but that was the least of my concerns.   A woman was turned into a pillar of salt simply for looking back at her home's destruction, mass drowning of nearly everyone on earth, God said don't kill, but then ordered the Jews to kill almost everyone in sight.
    I stopped with the books of Moses, thinking that the creator deity could not be on the same side as Jesus.  I could not see any continuity between the Old and New Testaments.  Now I can see what life must have been like under other gods, and surmise God decided to get everyone in line before He would offer up His Son to provide a means of salvation to people of all nations.
    The ability to stop a bull's charge with a brain implant was demonstrated nearly five decades ago.  Advances in brain research since have only increase the chance of authoritarian use.  Soon men will be able to aspire to be little demons.
    Even where governments don't directly control the media, fewer and fewer hands are on the reins, and an independent press has been weakened even in the land of the free.  It is becoming obvious how a slavery that we can't even see will become possible by gaining control of a few of the right people.
    One day all will cower in the mountains and cry for the rocks to kill them rather than face the wrath of God and the Lamb.  How will we earn such fury from Jesus, who got on the cross and died, that we might live?  Such will be Their anger that Their two witnesses will kill those who attempt to stop their prophecy.